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Horrible Histories: More Best Of Barmy Britain

Until 2 September 2017

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Tickets from £17.85

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About the show

Horrible Histories are back in the West End with even MORE Best of Barmy Britain!

Vile Victorians, Revolting Romans and Crazy King Charles all return for another summer holiday in a major London theatre. In 2016, Horrible Histories celebrated five years in the West End with the Best of Barmy Britain. It was a sort of ‘Best of’ complication, only featuring far more beheadings than your average album. This year they have a new anniversary to celebrate with the Birmingham Stage Company clocking in at 25 years old.

Age 25 is a little bit older than most readers of Horrible Histories. (Although we know a few adults with a taste for this alliterative and alternative take on history.) Written by Terry Deary and directed by Neal Foster, the blood-splattered and mud-caked stories take history out of the stuffy classroom. They make it witty, memorable and fun. That’s despite their characters’ lives often being nasty, brutish and short. Children aged 5 – 10 years old will love it.

If last year’s Best of Barmy Britain at the Apollo Theatre wasn’t enough, this year they’ve expanded the show. It is, quite literally, More Best of Barmy Britain. With boisterous Boudicca, cowardly custard King John, tempestuous Henry VIII and devilish Dick Turpin already in the line-up, ‘what more could there be?’ I hear you ask.

Well, one part of the ‘more’ is the appearance of Britain’s favourite playwright William Shakespeare. The sonnet-scribbling bard will bring a bit of Stratford to the Garrick. But probably not in the way the theatre is used to.

Horrible Histories: it keeps the ticket sales rolling in by keeping the heads rolling off.

More Best of Barmy Britain runs at the Garrick Theatre from 4 August – 2 September 2017.

Map & Location

Garrick Theatre

Charing Cross Road
St James

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