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Roller Diner

Until 24 June 2017

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Tickets from £12.30

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About the show

Head to the Soho Theatre for serving of new musical Roller Diner.

Roller Diner is the brand new musical from Stephen Jackson.

Set in Jackson’s native Birmingham, the eponymous Roller Diner offers a slice of American life in the heart of the Midlands. Or so it’s meant to. Unfortunately this is one diner that has more flies that fries. Even the hallmark of the place – service on skates – is compromised by the fact the waiters can’t actually skate.

Life at the Roller Diner gets shaken-up when new girl Marika joins the team. Marika is from ‘somewhere foreign’ and is looking for a better life alongside the other Brummies. Her presence certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Soon the characters of Roller Diner are on a collision course of love, jealousy and even murder.

This quirky, British musical won the 2015 Verity Bargate Award. Soho Theatre awards the prestigious prize once a year to aspiring playwrights in memory of the theatre’s founding Artistic Director.

Steve Marmion, Artistic Director of the Soho Theatre. directs Roller Disco. Olivier Award winner David Thaxton stars alongside Lucy McCormick, Joe Dixon, Rina Fatania, Ricky Oakley and also Lucie Shorthouse.

A bittersweet musical that goes to the middle of middle England to tell a story about the search for home, Roller Disco has a timely edge to it. The Verity Bargate Award is a prestigious accolade and suggests Jackson is one to watch.

Get your skates on!

Roller Diner runs at the Soho Theatre from 26 May – 24 June 2017.

Map & Location

Soho Theatre

21 Dean Street

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