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The Suppliant Women

Until 25 November 2017

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Tickets from £10.00

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About the show

See David Greig’s modern take on the epic The Suppliant Women at Young Vic.

Playwright David Greig reimagines the ancient Greek epic of The Suppliant Women. The play was first performed at the Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh in October 2016, when it earned a flurry of five-star reviews.

Aeschylus’s story follows the plight of 50 women who board a ship in North Africa. They do this to escape forced marriage. They then flee across the Mediterranean sea, hoping to find safety and asylum in Greece.

Despite being written 2,500 years ago – and being one of the oldest plays in existence – the parallels between The Suppliant Women and the current refugee crisis in Europe are startling. Greig’s production questions what we mean by home and also what – or who – we can rely on in desperate circumstances.

The Suppliant Women features performances from the renowned opera singer Omar Ebrahim. It also uses the music of a Greco-Roman instrument known as the aulos. Callum Armstong, one of only two known players of the instrument, performs in this production.

Other cast members include Oscar Batterham, Ben Burton and Gemma May Rees. The London premiere will also include a chorus made up of women from the local community.

Direction is by Ramin Gray, with composition and musical direction by John Browne. The production reunites the creative team behind the celebrated staging of The Events in 2013.

The Guardian describes the show as “an epic feminist protest song”. What’s On Stage calls it “rich with resonance and power”.

The Suppliant Women runs at the Young Vic from 13 – 25 November 2017.

Map & Location

Young Vic Theatre

66 The Cut

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