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Waiting For Godot

Until 23 September 2017

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Tickets from £19.55

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About the show

See Samuel Beckett’s iconic Waiting For Godot at its London home of the Arts Theatre.

Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot comes to the West End with a revival staged at the intimate Arts Theatre. Beckett’s now-famous play made its English language debut at the Arts Theatre in 1955. This production by Ireland’s AC Productions has been touring since 2005.

In Beckett’s now familiar scenario, two tramps wait by the side of the road. Didi and Gogo are passing the time as they wait for a man named Godot to turn up. So far, so normal. Only it’s not. The men don’t know what they will do when Godot arrives, or even what they will say to him. All they know is that when – not if – Godot comes on by, they will be saved.

Whilst they are waiting, a local landowner named Pozzo and his slave, Lucky, come along and spend some time with Didi and Gogo. They leave and another character enters who tells them Godot will not come today, but he definitely will tomorrow. So the men continue to wait.

Before Peter Hall directed Waiting For Godot in 1955 it was turned down by numerous big-name directors. It is now considered a modern classic.

In recognition of the return of Waiting For Godot to the venue of its premiere, the theatre is making 1955 seats available for under £30. Book quickly to snap up a bargain!

Waiting For Godot runs at the Arts Theatre from 5 – 23 September 2017.

Map & Location

The Arts Theatre

Great Newport Street

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