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Category: What’s New

Charlotte Merriam (Image: Michael Wharley, courtesy of Chloe Nelkin PR)

Charlotte Merriam takes us inside the ladies’ loo

Playwright and performer Charlotte Merriam tells us about creating a theatrical movement and new play Dames, which is set inside a ladies’ toilet.

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Lucy Phelps stars in Witness For The Prosecution at London County Hall (Image: Ellie Kurttz, courtesy of The Corner Shop PR)

Lucy Phelps: 14 questions

Performer Lucy Phelps tells us about joining the hit whodunnit Witness For The Prosecution and why she thinks Londoners are so lucky.

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Top fringe theatre to see this week - Tonight At 8.30 at Jermyn Street Theatre (Image: Robert Workman)

Top fringe theatre to see this week

Young actor Charlie Mulliner tips us off about her top fringe theatre to see this week

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Five shows to see this week - Cirque Berserk! at Harold Pinter Theatre

Five shows to see this week

Which London shows should you see to brighten up your week? Here are our five suggestions:

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The Gulf, starring Louisa Lytton, at Tristan Bates Theatre (Image courtesy of Chloe Nelkin PR)

Louisa Lytton: 13 questions

Former EastEnders star Louisa Lytton on starring in the European premiere of The Gulf and being a proud Londoner.

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Sarah Alles stars in Moormaid at Arcola Theatre (Image: Anika Wagner, courtesy of Chloe Nelkin PR)

Sarah Alles: 11 questions

German star Sarah Alles tells us about making her London debut in new play Moormaid at Arcola Theatre.

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CircusFest2018 - Hyena (Image: Mark Dawson, courtesy of Chloe Nelkin PR)

CircusFest 2018: Festival Focus

Producer Molly Nicholson tells us about CircusFest 2018, the festival bringing the best of modern circus to London.

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Gauhar Jaan – The Datia Incident at Omnibus Theatre

Gauhar Jaan – The Datia Incident: “I wanted to unshackle her story”

Mukul Ahmed tells us why the tale of India’s first recording artist, Gauhar Jaan, is a story worth telling.

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Kate Lamb: 13 questions

Call The Midwife’s Kate Lamb tells us about a Mafia-set Much Ado About Nothing and a canine cameo.

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For King And Country at COLAB Factory (Image courtesy of Chloe Nelkin PR)

For King And Country: “The audience are the stars of the show”

Writer/director Owen Kingston tells us about the new show that puts audiences into Winston Churchill’s shoes.

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Rehearsals for Company Three, The Act, at Yard Theatre (Image: Camilla Greenwell, courtesy of The Yard)

The Act: A show about teenage love, made by teenagers

Company Three tell us about their new production exploring all the emotions of teenage love.

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Kevin Armento, writer of Devil With the Blue Dress (Image courtesy of Chloe Nelkin PR)

Kevin Armento: “How do we have a Lewinsky play without Bill?”

Kevin Armento tells us about the evolution of his new play, Devil With The Blue Dress.

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Pericles, which stars Cécile Leterme at The Barbican (Image: Patrick Baldwin, courtesy of Kate Morley PR)

Cécile Leterme: 11 questions

French actor Cécile Leterme tells us about bringing Pericles to the Barbican and performing Shakespeare in French for a London audience.

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Frogman (Image courtesy of Cliona Roberts PR)

Jack Lowe: “Is this show theatre? Definitely”

Director Jack Lowe tells us about Frogman and creating theatre using virtual reality.

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Louis Greatorex in rehearsals for Plastic at Old Red Lion Theatre (Image: Mathew Foster, courtesy of Chloe Nelkin PR)

Louis Greatorex: 12 questions

The Last Post actor Louis Greatorex tells us about starring in Kenneth Emson’s Plastic and why he was eager to work at Old Red Lion Theatre.

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Alice Fearn plays Elphaba in Wicked (Image: Darren Bell, courtesy of Jo Allan PR)

Alice Fearn: 14 questions

Wicked star Alice Fearn tells us about performing one of musical theatre’s most iconic roles.

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John Fitzpatrick: “Laughter was a way of surviving”

Playwright John Fitzpatrick tells us about his new play, Reared, which follows three generations of an Irish family trying to find space for a fourth.

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Kim Maresca stars in Ruthless! The Musical (Image: Alastair Muir, courtesy of Kate Morley PR)

Kim Maresca: 12 questions

Kim Maresca tells us about bringing off-Broadway hit Ruthless! The Musical to London.

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Gabrielle Brooks in rehearsals for The Way Of The World at the Donmar Warehouse Image: Johan Persson, courtesy of Jo Allan PR)

Gabrielle Brooks: Someone needs to write about black British history

Gabrielle Brooks tells Charlotte Marshall about starring in Restoration romp The Way Of The World and why theatre is like a playground

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Cathy, by Ali Taylor, at Soho Theatre (Image: Pamela Raith, courtesy of The Corner Shop PR)

Ali Taylor: “We aren’t just throwing our hands up in despair”

Cathy playwright Ali Taylor tells us about bringing the acclaimed Cardboard Citizens production to Soho Theatre and encouraging British audiences to get involved.

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