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Much Ado About Nothing

Until 15 October 2017

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Tickets from £5.00

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About the show

Much Ado About Nothing brings the Mexican Revolution to Shakespeare’s Globe.

Director Matthew Dunster presents a bold new update of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing set during the Mexican Revolution. Dunster is the Associate Director at the Globe Theatre. He was behind the striking modern update of Cymbeline (renamed Imogen) at the same venue in 2016.

Shakespeare wrote Much Ado About Nothing between 1598 and 1599. It’s a raucous and enjoyable comedy that is especially memorable for its sparring central couple, Benedick and Beatrice. Along with those two, the story also rotates around another couple, Claudio and Hero.

After returning from a battle, Claudio declares his love for Hero and they prepare to marry. However, Claudio is tricked into believing that Hero has been unfaithful to him. He cruelly and publicly rejects her at the altar.

Benedick and Beatrice, meanwhile, have been continuing their enjoyable rounds of squabbling. They, in turn, are tricked into declaring the love everyone around them can see they have for each other.

Beatrice requests Benedick challenge Claudio to a dual as part of a plan to clear Hero’s name.

Beatriz Romilly plays Beatrice with Matthew Needham as Benedick. Anya Chalotra plays Hero, while Marcello Cruz plays Claudio and Martin Marquez plays Leonato.

Dunster has set his new version in 1910. So Claudio returns home following the first wave of revolution. Using design by Anna Fleischle, the Globe promises the production will be full of Latin music, desert flowers and revolutionary fervour.

Dunster’s work is all over London’s roofless venues this summer. His adaptation of Dickens’s A Tale Of Two Cities also runs at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.

Much Ado About Nothing runs at the Globe Theatre from 14 July – 15 October 2017.

Map & Location

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

21 New Globe Walk

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