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The Secondary Victim

Until 9 December 2017

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Tickets from £21.60

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About the show

Blame culture is in the spotlight in The Secondary Victim at Park Theatre.

North London’s Park Theatre presents the world premiere of new play The Secondary Victim. Opening on 14 November, this timely new piece of writing looks at the pervasive blame culture shaping our relationships with others.

Ali is a successful psychotherapist, well respected in her chosen field of work. Happily married, it seems like everything is going just right. Then, out of nowhere, a former male client files a complaint of sexual misconduct against her.

Suddenly, everything is up in the air. Everyone around Ali doubts her professionalism and her personal credentials. Struggling to prove she has done no wrong, Ali risks losing her career and her marriage. Who exactly, asks The Secondary Victim, is telling the truth?

At a time when being publicly denounced is no longer just something celebrities face from the tabloids, The Secondary Victim probes into our obsession with blame and the consequences it can have.

Susannah Doyle, Gary Webster, Natasha Bain, Michael Hanratty, Matt Holt and Christopher Laishley star in the show.

Matthew Gould directs the production.

Campling’s previous work includes the play Abominations.

North London’s Park Theatre is a popular fringe theatre offering a strong selection of comedy, drama and family shows. The purpose-built theatre includes two playing spaces, Park200 and Park90. The Secondary Victim is performed in the smaller of the two spaces, Park90, giving audiences the chance to watch live drama in an intimate environment.

Suitable for ages 12 and over.

The Secondary Victim runs from 14 November – 9 December 2017 at Park Theatre.

Map & Location

Park Theatre

Clifton Terrace
Finsbury Park
N4 3JP

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