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King Lear

Until 14 October 2017

1 / 1

Tickets from £5.00

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About the show

Shakespeare’s King Lear adds tragedy to Shakespeare’s Globe’s Summer of Love.

For 2017, The Globe Theatre is readying itself for a Summer of Love. Along with Romeo And Juliet, Tristan And Yseult and Much Ado About Nothing, there’s also King Lear. As one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, this addition to the summer programme might seem a little odd. But arguably love (or in some places the lack of) is exactly what King Lear is about.

Lear is an aging king with three daughters, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. He decides to divide up his kingdom between his living heirs, but in doing so takes a crucial misstep. His devoted Cordelia refuses to take part in an egotistical game and Lear cruelly dismisses her. The other sisters flatter their father, take their parts of the kingdom and then ultimately betray him.

In one of the most famous Shakespearean scenes, Lear is left to wander madly in the wilderness with his fool by his side. His eventually reunion with Cordelia ends in bitter tragedy.

Stage and screen star Kevin McNally takes to the Globe stage to play the ageing monarch. On the big screen, McNally played the recurring role of Gibbs in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. On stage he played roles including Claudius to Jude Law’s Hamlet and starred in the original production of Alan Bennett’s The Lady In The Van.

Nancy Meckler, previously the Artistic Director of Shared Experience, makes her Globe debut as a director with this production. Rosanna Vize is in charge of design. Meckler has previously worked at London’s National Theatre and for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In tackling the love between family members as well as romantic love, King Lear brings another dimension to the Summer of Love. As one of Shakespeare’s best works, King Lear is always well worth watching.

King Lear runs at Shakespeare’s Globe from 10 August – 14 October 2017.

Map & Location

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

21 New Globe Walk

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