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Until 8 December 2017

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Tickets from £12.50

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About the show

National Youth Theatre and Frantic Assembly team up for Othello at Ambassadors Theatre.

Since its premiere in 2008, Frantic Assembly’s production of Othello has been regarded as one of the best modern adaptations created. For 2017, the innovative physical theatre company have collaborated with the National Youth Theatre to re-stage this much-admired production.

Scholars believe Shakespeare wrote the tragedy in 1603. It is now considered to be one of his greatest works. Led astray by his apparent ‘friend’, Iago, Othello becomes consumed with jealousy. Believing his wife, Desdemona, to be cheating on him, he commits a terrible act of rage.

As it deals with racism, betrayal and love, the play remains relevant 400 years after it was written. Frantic Assembly’s version uses the play as a lens through which to view modern Britain and its relationship with race.

Simon Pittman, the Associate Director at Frantic Assembly, directs this production. Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett, adapt this version of Shakespeare’s play. They also directed the premiere production.

Awarded five stars by the Independent, Frantic Assembly’s Othello is a particularly popular staging for school groups and younger audiences.

This is the first time the National Youth Theatre have worked on a production of Othello since their 1995/6 version. That one starred a young Chiwetel Ejiofor in the title role, now famous for his appearances in films including 12 Years A Slave. You never know what future stars you might see this time around!

Suitable for ages 14 and over.

Othello runs from 26 September – 8 December 2017 at the Ambassadors Theatre.

Map & Location

The Ambassadors Theatre

West Street

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