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What’s New

Sarah Alles stars in Moormaid at Arcola Theatre (Image: Anika Wagner, courtesy of Chloe Nelkin PR)

Sarah Alles: 11 questions

German star Sarah Alles tells us about making her London debut in new play Moormaid at Arcola Theatre.

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CircusFest2018 - Hyena (Image: Mark Dawson, courtesy of Chloe Nelkin PR)

CircusFest 2018: Festival Focus

Producer Molly Nicholson tells us about CircusFest 2018, the festival bringing the best of modern circus to London.

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Gauhar Jaan – The Datia Incident at Omnibus Theatre

Gauhar Jaan – The Datia Incident: “I wanted to unshackle her story”

Mukul Ahmed tells us why the tale of India’s first recording artist, Gauhar Jaan, is a story worth telling.

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